About a facial spa treatment

I will talk about the facial spa treatment menu and benefits in the next few entries.

Face Lifting

The treatment of face-lifting is given by massage. It helps reduce wrinkles and sagging caused by aging or stress. It also works to improve tightness, loose a double chin and sharpen your facial line. An age-fighting facial helps to fight wrinkles and sagging by tightening muscles. There are some ways to make a sharper facial line:

  1. Tighten the facial line: For patients who have sensitive or soft skin.
  2. Release waste and excess water: For patients who have a tight neck or shoulders. For patients who feel they have a puffy face which is holding too much water.
  3. Fix facial bone misalignment: For patients who worry about facial asymmetry.
  4. Lifting up muscles: For patients who are losing a sharp facial line.

Adult acne care/Acne care

One of the purposes for a facial spa is to treat acne.

Adult acne is not as easy to fix as younger age acne. It becomes worse if you leave it alone. The cause of acne is clogged pores. You need the correct treatment so that it does not become worse. If you treat adult acne with the wrong process or self-care it may cause the growth of more bacteria and will need a long time to treat. You may need to go to a dermatologist. To improve and isolate the cause of the problem you may need to see a skin care specialist.