About a facial spa treatment part2

I will talk about the facial spa treatment menu and benefits this time too.


When you clean your face at home you may use make up removers or cleansers. Pore cleansing at a facial spa tries to remove old cells that are clogging pores first.

There are several ways to treat pores. One way is a facial peeling. Another way is using face packs or cleansers to make your skin soft and to remove dead skin cells or dirt. Oil packs are also effective in suppressing the secretion of sebum. These can improve skin tone, texture, and over all appearance. Sometimes pores are clogged by blackheads or acne. In these cases you may suction wastes from your pores.


The prevention and improvement of spots, caused by such things as sunburn, are the reason for whitening.

When exposed to ultraviolet light, “melanin” is made by your body to protect the skin. Sunburns or spots are due to this melanin. For whitening you have to stop the growth melanin. You also need to remove surface skin cells and dirt with facial spa treatment. Removing dead skin and dirt helps promote cell renewal and makes your skin appear brighter and fresher than before.