Information about my recommended facial spa

I will give you the information about my favorite spa in Singapore named “OrganicsBeauty”. This is a kind of a new facial spa which specializes in facial treatments. Even though it is new, this spa already has a lot of repeat customers. This spa offers organic and natural treatments and results are visible right after the treatment. A customer uploaded their own picture after having a treatment at OrganicsBeauty which made everyone so surprised that they thought she had plastic surgery. It depends on the person but some may have a wonderful result.

Spas are not cheap and you hear a lot of reviews where the results are not very good. However, this facial spa has great results after the treatment. Whether you are living in Singapore or not it may be a good idea to stop by while you are traveling. Singapore is a land of everlasting summer so you may have a wonderful resort feeling too. If you have a chance, please try my favorite recommended facial spa, “OrganicsBeauty”.
OrganicsBeauty – Organic beauty facial spa in Singapore

About a facial spa treatment part2

I will talk about the facial spa treatment menu and benefits this time too.


When you clean your face at home you may use make up removers or cleansers. Pore cleansing at a facial spa tries to remove old cells that are clogging pores first.

There are several ways to treat pores. One way is a facial peeling. Another way is using face packs or cleansers to make your skin soft and to remove dead skin cells or dirt. Oil packs are also effective in suppressing the secretion of sebum. These can improve skin tone, texture, and over all appearance. Sometimes pores are clogged by blackheads or acne. In these cases you may suction wastes from your pores.


The prevention and improvement of spots, caused by such things as sunburn, are the reason for whitening.

When exposed to ultraviolet light, “melanin” is made by your body to protect the skin. Sunburns or spots are due to this melanin. For whitening you have to stop the growth melanin. You also need to remove surface skin cells and dirt with facial spa treatment. Removing dead skin and dirt helps promote cell renewal and makes your skin appear brighter and fresher than before.

About a facial spa treatment

I will talk about the facial spa treatment menu and benefits in the next few entries.

Face Lifting

The treatment of face-lifting is given by massage. It helps reduce wrinkles and sagging caused by aging or stress. It also works to improve tightness, loose a double chin and sharpen your facial line. An age-fighting facial helps to fight wrinkles and sagging by tightening muscles. There are some ways to make a sharper facial line:

  1. Tighten the facial line: For patients who have sensitive or soft skin.
  2. Release waste and excess water: For patients who have a tight neck or shoulders. For patients who feel they have a puffy face which is holding too much water.
  3. Fix facial bone misalignment: For patients who worry about facial asymmetry.
  4. Lifting up muscles: For patients who are losing a sharp facial line.

Adult acne care/Acne care

One of the purposes for a facial spa is to treat acne.

Adult acne is not as easy to fix as younger age acne. It becomes worse if you leave it alone. The cause of acne is clogged pores. You need the correct treatment so that it does not become worse. If you treat adult acne with the wrong process or self-care it may cause the growth of more bacteria and will need a long time to treat. You may need to go to a dermatologist. To improve and isolate the cause of the problem you may need to see a skin care specialist.

A variety of facial spa treatments

Women have lots of problems with their facial skin. For example bad skin condition, sunburn, spots, and freckles. There are also more serious problems like rough or sensitive skin. There are a wide range of problems. A facial spa offers various treatments to solve each troubled area.

There are roughly three facial treatments which are classified as follows:

  • A treatment that solves skin problems
  • A treatment that makes your skin healthier and beautiful
  • A treatment that lifts and sharpens your facial line

When you have a consultation about your skin troubles at the spa, they will offer the treatment which may solve your problem. I picked three types of treatments but sometimes one treatment brings more than one benefit. For example, a facial massage treatment which makes your skin healthier and also makes your facial line sharper by improving circulation.

Another spa benefit is relaxation. Women are exposed various forms of stress every day. Sometimes you may become frustrated. These frustrations may affect your skin condition. When you go to a spa you can refresh your skin and refresh yourself. Going to a spa makes your skin heather. It is also a perfect way to get a spiritual level of comfort and satisfaction.

What is a facial spa?

A facial spa, it is the first thing to pop into your mind when you hear the word spa. A face is always easy to see and there are things that concern people because of that. There must be many people who take care of their face.

What do you imagine when you hear about a facial spa? Lots of women may imagine “beauty” where the skin becomes smooth and silky. However, a benefit of a facial spa is not only that. It also lifts and sharpens your facial line. Facial spas also perform facial massages. When you stimulate the muscles of the cheeks and chin, it will promote blood circulation. It works for swollen and sagging facial lines. Having less swollen and sagging facial lines makes you look younger. Having a routine massage will give your double chin or puffy face a clear and sharper look. A facial spa also has the benefit of making your skin and brighter.

When you get older, your skin develops small problems little by little. These are wrinkles and skin conditions that you do not have when you are young. It may cause stress, sunburn and skin waste. Some people continue to have facial spas and are able to keep healthy and beautiful skin. A facial spa has lots of benefits to keeps you beautiful.